Playing with Gold -Energy, that is…-

Gold Exercise Received 1-22-13 at 1313, from Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf FUNNNNNNNNNN BEGINS…DATA: Scientfically proven=Love is a frequency…so is FEAR…measurable…love’s frequency is shorter waves and touches many points with IN anything…while fear is longer waves and touches only on a few points with IN anything….All manifestations are pure energy…energy that formulates itself by various formulas that results in [...] Continue reading →

The Will and the Word

THE WILL AND THE WORD Published by Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf on October 7, 2013IN LOVE, GRATITUDE AND PEACE Perception is such a beautiful tool! Expansion of perception until all limits are chosen to be released  is a wonderful process in deed. ….excert of perception beginning of September 2013…. What was the perceived “Financial/Monetary System”? In [...] Continue reading →

OPPT by Idaho Picker

Excelent video by LogicBeforeAuthority host Idaho Picker regarding the OPPT and its impact in real life, where people using the courtesy notices and knowledge of the UCC filings by OPPT succesfuly discharge illegal debt from banks and debt collectors. Continue reading →

Captain Deryl Zeleny: Update 14 July 2013

Captain Deryl Zeleny: Update 14 July 2013 Hi Everybody, This is the next installment in Deryl’s up-close and personal investigation of the corruption inside the Canadian legal and financial systems. When we last spoke to Deryl he had just been released from jail where he was being held in an attempt to coerce him into [...] Continue reading →
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